BlueCat Adonis / Proteus: Aktuelle Version und Patchlevel (Patchstand) anzeigen

  • als root anmelden
  • cat /etc/issue ansehen
  • Patchlevel mit ls /var/patch abfragen

Wenn das Verzeichnis nicht existiert, heißt es, dass kein Patch angewendet wurde.

You can execute cat /etc/issue while logged in as root to check for the current version of your Adonis. Based on the case details, I believe you are running in version 7.0. However, that command will not display the patching level of the box.

To check for the patching level, please execute ls /var/patch command while still logged in as root. The output of that command will give you the KB Numbers of the patches successfully applied into the box. Thus, if you see KB-6047 in the output that simply means that Patch 2 for version 7.0 was already applied.