WORDBEE EDITOR: QA : Wo gibt es etwas zum Nachlesen?

A good first point to get information about Wordbee is our free online documentation. Let me guide you through the documentation real quick for your use case.

At first you will have to create a term base with entries which I believe you already did. Then you will have to add this term base to your translation project. A detailed description on how to do that can be found here. The documentation explains the process for Codyt projects. If you use Standard projects, the interface is pretty much the same, but you will have to start in the project tab 3. Resources. From there on the process is identical.
Please put a special emphasize on the last point „How to activate resources for explicit QA control“ as it will allow for automated term checks.

After you have added the resource to your project you can see entries in the Translation Finder Widget in the CAT editor. Whenever there’s a term in the source segment, your term and the corresponding translation will be displayed (check here).

When your translation is done you may run a QA check with your term base if you followed the step in „How to activate resources for explicit QA control“ above.
Follow the steps in this documentation here. Please feel free to adjust the standard QA profile to your use case so the system only checks the error categories that are important to you. For a term check you’ll have to enable the category „Terminology Check“ in the QA Profiles.

I hope this small guide of resources helps. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out. I’ll leave this ticket open for a few more days in case you have questions.