Wordbee: How to create a task file which does not require a source file


  • Customer sends me a new (PDF) file to check, not to translate it.
  • I have no source file to import into wordbee.
  • I do not now, how and where to save information about time spent on this new PDF file.

Now I create a DUMMY file, import it into Wordbee, mark it for translation and hang the minutes spent on this EMPTY DUMMY file.

I’m not happy with this solution. Can the Wordbee business version help me with this?


Here a solution is to create a task which does not require a source file (https://wordbee.atlassian.net/l/c/u4o4uekZ) this way you won’t have to upload a dummy document. Then you can have a price per minute or hour and edit the word count to enter the time spent, and finally, generate the client invoice.

 The Business version will not propose a better alternative.