Extreme Networks: XOS Software aktualisieren

download image
Using TFTP
download image [[<hostname> | <ipaddress>] <filename> {{vr} <vrname>}| memorycard <filename>] {<partition>} {msm <slotid>}
To download an image to a stack:
download image [[<hostname> | <ipaddress>] <filename> {{vr} <vrname>}| memorycard <filename>] {<partition>} {slot <slot number>}
Unlike ExtremeWare, the download image command in ExtremeXOS causes the switch to use the newly downloaded software image during the next switch reboot. To modify or reset the software image used during a switch reboot, use the use image command.

Before the download begins, the switch asks if you want to install the image immediately after the download is finished.
Enter y to install the image after download. Enter n to install the image at a later time.
When you install the image to the alternate (inactive) partition; you do not need to reboot the switch
until you use the image.

If you install the image at a later time, the image is still downloaded and saved to the switch, but
you must use the following command to install the software and reboot the switch:

install image <fname> {<partition>} {msm <slotid>} {reboot}

Where fname specifies the filename of the new, downloaded image