Are there better alternatives to for sourcing from China?

Are there better websites where I can find products from China? I am looking for kitchenware and I want to import into U.S.
I heard of Global Sources and I want to varieties of kitchenware items to make up one shipping container. So probably i have to buy from trading company. What do u suggest I do? How do I find what I want?

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Hi, I guess yo can also try Maybe the products here are not as many as Alibaba and GlobalSources can offer, but all the products here are offered by certified manufacturers only (no trading company), and these manufacturers are with experience in exporting.

You can type „kitchenware“ in the search bar for check~

BTW, all these manufacturers are certified with GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate), which was audited by ITS and TUV~~ So you don’t need to worry about the cheat and fraud~

Wish it help~~

  • 1 year ago