Modula Galery: Google PageSpeed has a problem …

I love your Modula and I would like to upgrade. But …

Google Pagespeed Insights has a problem with this:

Links cannot be crawled

Search engines may use href attributes on links to crawl websites. The href attribute of anchor elements must point to an appropriate target so that more pages on the site can be found. Information about how links are made accessible to crawlers

Here is the code:

Open image in lightbox
<a data-image-id=“2384″ rel=“jtg-2397″ data-caption=““ aria-label=“Open image in lightbox“ class=“tile-inner modula-item-link“>

Here ist Google help for using links:

Hello Roman,

Unfortunately, yes, the code is needed for the lightbox functionality – to open images in the lightbox.

All the best,



Hello Roman,

Thank you for reaching out to us!
We understand your concern, but in the context of image links used for lightbox functionality, these URLs are primarily intended for enhancing the user experience rather than creating new pages for search engine indexing.  The images you mentioned are already present on the page and have likely been indexed by search engines. As such, this error should not have an impact on your site’s SEO performance.
Hope this explains it a bit better.

Please let me know if you have questions.
All the best,