Sony Universalfernbedienung RM-VL620 / RM-VL620T will nicht lernen

Die Fernbedienung will nicht lernen. Nicht zurückschicken, die FB ist bestimmt OK.

Nach dem man laut der Anleitung zum Punkt 5 gekommen ist und das Gerät ausgewählt hatte, blinkt die FB eine Sekunde ganz wild und dann gehen alle LEDs aus. Man hat gar keine Chance den Code von der Original Fernbedienung zu übertragen.

Die Lösung ist:

Frische Alkaline Batterien einsetzten und schwache oder wiederaufladbare Batterien entfernen!

Es lebe das Internet! Einen deutschen Beitrag hab ich nicht gefunden.


1) Press SET for 3 seconds.
– after 3 second the SET light will come on.

2) While continuing to hold SET (don’t release it), press the OK button.
– the SET light will now stay on when you release both keys.
– you cannot simply press SET and OK for 3 seconds, it has to be SET by itself and THEN add OK.

3) Press 9-8-8.
– the SET LED will blink on each number entered.
– after the third number the SET LED will blink 3 times.
– if you enter something wrong the SET LED will simply go out.

4) Press the device key to learn a button on.
– both the SET LED and device LED will remain lit.

5) Press the target button to learn on.
– the SET LED will blink once as you push the target key, but nothing else will appear to happen.
– it is not necessary to erase a button before relearning it.

6) Aim the source remote at the front of the RM-VLZ620 and press and HOLD the original source button until the SET LED blinks 3 times.
– if the set LED blinks once the code was NOT captured. It must blink 3 times.
– after a command is learned the device LED will go out, but the SET LED will remain on.
– if you fail to send a signal in time, both LEDs will simply go out and you’ll have to start over.

7) To learn another button, repeat steps 4 through 6.



Post 56 made on Sunday August 12, 2012 at 12:26

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December 2010
Thanks to everyone who posted in this forum. I just got a 620 from Amazon and was about to return it because it wouldn’t learn. The solution was definitely to switch to alkaline batteries. Thanks for saving me a lot of RMA related headaches.
Post 57 made on Wednesday August 22, 2012 at 22:10
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August 2012
Excellent! The non-rechargeable batteries were indeed the problem!! As soon as I switched them out, the remote learns just fine! Thanks a million!
Post 58 made on Friday December 28, 2012 at 15:32
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December 2012
Just wanted to say thanks for the solution. I never use rechargables, so I had forgotten that I had one in the remote from the „Next Gen Remote control“ [Link:]

I fought with the remote for over an hour until I searched and found this.

Post 59 made on Wednesday April 17, 2013 at 23:00
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April 2013
i felt like the caps were needed. i tried for an hour before giving in and running to the gas station to pick up 2 batteries for $8. but it was worth it. consider the price matching walmarts/amazons price at bestbuy, the counter for the price you pay for batteries.