Wie kann man einen Domänencontroller zwingen seine DNS Einträge im DNS neu zu registrieren?

A. Several options exist that let you force a DC to reregister its DNS records. For example, you can stop and start the netlogon service on a DC to make it reregister all the service DNS records. You can also use the /dsregdns switch with the Nltest command to force a DC to reregister all it’s DNS records, as the following sample execution shows:

C:\>nltest /dsregdns
Flags: 0
Connection Status = 0 0x0 NERR_Success
The command completed successfully

This method lets you avoid losing the netlogon service during the stop and restart.

You can also force reregistration of another DC’s records by adding the /server: switch (although it must be online and running for it to succeed) The following sample shows a failed execution because the DC is offline):