WORDBEE EDITOR: Export aus der Terminologie Datenbank

Can I export labels in a text file?

Unfortunately labels can currently not be exported from Wordbee in any way. I also can’t think of a reasonable workaround for this problem.

I considered using custom fields (which also can’t be exported) instead of labels as they work like labels for your case but offer an additional feature: During the export into TBX you can define to only export concepts with a certain custom field value. So while technically the custom field information (aka values) will not be exported you will have a final TBX file you know only contains concepts with the „Technical“ label for instance. You may then name your export accordingly and use it somewhere else. I don’t know if this will be beneficial for your use case. You may define the custom fields yourself, so I’d suggest to use a picklist of label values that you then can pick from. If you’d like to know more about it, please drop me another line.