WORDPRESS: Sections_ How to hide one section

I’d like to hide one section for few days. The only option now is to delete and to recreate the section again or to save HTML code and to put it again there. The best way would be a Hide/Show Button near edit, settings, delete … buttons


There isn’t an option built-in for that unfortunately.

You can add all 3 of the built-in hide-on classes as a workaround though:


Using our hide-on-* classes

To hide/show certain contents depending on devices, you can use the three handy built-in classes below:

Some example usages:

– To hide certain menu items on mobile, you can add hide-on-mobile to the Custom Classes field.

– To show certain contents in desktop only, try this in the Text Editor:

<div class="hide-on-mobile hide-on-tablet">
    Content here will only display in Desktop